Our Mission & The People Leading It


Zach McVicker is an innovative strategist reshaping business operations. Combining expertise in human behavior with operational efficiency, he launched the first digital dealer group ecosystem to accelerate growth and retention. He launched the industry's first interactive roleplay tech that has proven to help dealers boost profitability. As the founder of Onboardian, Zach transforms employee onboarding with data-driven insights, nurturing high-performance cultures. Passionate about uncovering inefficiencies, he equips organizations to excel in today’s dynamic market. Zach's commitment to innovation ensures that businesses are prepared to thrive and adapt in an evolving landscape and leads with a people focused purpose.

Zach McVicker
C.E.O. Onboardian

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every person to achieve their full potential. We believe that by providing the right tools and opportunities for growth, every individual can unlock their true abilities and contribute immense value to everything and everyone around them. Through our technology and people focused initiative, we aim to cultivate confidence, unlock hidden talents, and transform lives so that each person can positively impact those around them. By developing skills and unleashing human potential at scale, we drive progress for businesses and society as a whole."

Why Choose Onboardian

Onboardian transforms businesses with its data-driven approach to employee engagement and development. Our platform leverages advanced behavior analytics and comprehensive onboarding tools to unlock human potential, improve productivity, and reduce costs. By customizing solutions to fit your unique needs, we ensure a strategic advantage through a high-performing, skilled, and motivated workforce. More than just a vendor, Onboardian partners with you to provide deep insights, continuous support, and a competitive edge in your industry.

Meet the Team

Zach McVicker

CEO & Founder

Justin Harshbarger

CTO & CO-Founder

Brian Moates


Sam Troyer

Client Engagement Manager

Hamilton Wuzor

Director of Product Design

Carlos Antonio Dubon

Front End Developer

Meet Our Advisors

Veronica Dunford


Jason Stopnitsky

Dealer Operations

Michael Arena

Workforce Analytics

David Spisak


Gary Pililobsian

Growth Expert

Tracey Fields


Harish Banela

Cyber Security

Steven Caporale


Chad Kirchhoff

Dealer COO

Edward Golod

Revenue Growth

Buddy Johnstone


Bradley R. Frazer

IP Attorney