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The auto industry’s first all-in-one recruiting, training, and communication platform



Challenge candidates with virutal role-plays to better recruit the best talent!



Deliver engaging, modern onboarding and training without having to create a single lesson.


Identify skill and knowledge gaps with practice recordings so you can coach more effectively.


Continously develop and engage employees, and communicate important updates to your team all from your phone.

Virtually recruit, train and coach with ease

Sales managers have more on their plates than ever before. With Onboardian’s prebuilt guided training, you can deliver virtual onboarding and coaching—all without having to create a single lesson. Easily provide helpful feedback and coaching from your phone and on your time. Motivate your team and encourage friendly competition with leaderboards. Continuously develop and engage employees, while still leaving time for you to do your day job.

Develop skilled sales pros faster

Studies show employees who start faster stay longer—and get productive more quickly—than those without structured employee training programs. Onboardian guides salespeople through strategically delivered learning experiences and virtual role-play proven to develop skills and maximize retention. Sales pros can easily see what they need to do, execute their learning assignments, and virtually role play customer interactions to demonstrate their knowledge. No more practicing on live customers.

Better connect with today’s customer

Outdated sales training based on transactional selling tactics has led to both frustrated buyers and salespeople going elsewhere. Onboardian teaches your sales pros communication strategies that lead to a better buying experience and lasting customer relationships. We don't just teach what questions to ask—we help your sales pros retain why we ask the questions we do and what to look for in a customer’s response so we know what to do next. Turn customers into raving fans.

Built by an auto leader for auto leaders

Generic and outdated sales training simply doesn’t cut it. Employee turnover is now hitting an all-time high and 87% of Americans dislike something about car shopping at dealerships. It’s why our founder Zach McVicker stepped away from his dealer operator career to start Onboardian with a mission to help auto dealers build people-first cultures that turn employees and customers into forever fans. We’ve taken everything he’s learned—from leading the #1 dealer in Indiana 15 years in a row (selling 5,500 vehicles per year), and helping take the second worst store to the fastest growing dealership in the country that same year—and poured it into the Onboardian platform.

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