How modern auto dealers train and engage teams

Virtually develop, engage, and retain employees with Onboardian's all-in-one training, coaching, and communication platform.

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No experience needed-we have built the entire path to ramp up sales pros quickly!


Develop, engage and operate efficiently! We give leaders the access to connect with their people easy and quicker than ever before! 


We have finally found the way to break the turnover cycle and help you retain, develop and grow your organization!

Transform how you train and engage teams

Unlike outdated and generic sales training (or practicing on customers), Onboardian guides salespeople through strategically-delivered content and the industry's first ongoing virtual role-play proven to maximize retention and connect with today’s customer. The result is faster onboarding, higher employee retention and satisfaction, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience.

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One unified dealership platform

Virtual role-play to accelerate success

Onboardian guides salespeople through strategically-delivered learning experiences and virtual role-play proven to develop skills and prepare sales pros for today’s customers.

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Onboard, train, and coach with ease

With Onboardian’s prebuilt guided training, sales managers can deliver onboarding, coaching, and encouragement from their phone and on their time.

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Operate an efficient and connected dealership

Onboardian combines company training, communication, recognition, org chart, calendar, and more, to help dealers foster a winning culture—while also centralizing operations and reducing information silos.

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Better connect with today’s customer

Onboardian teaches sales pros relational selling and digital communication strategies that lead to a better buying experience and lasting customer relationships. Connect before they ever get to your lot!

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How it Works:

About us

Today’s customer and salesperson have changed. Yet, one thing hasn’t changed—the way we train today’s salesperson to connect with today’s customer. We developed Onboardian to give dealerships all the tools they need to motivate, educate, and equip sales and management teams to drive superior performance, operational efficiencies, and winning cultures.

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