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Teaching and connecting people to build company, employee and customer success.

Prebuilt guided training delivered virtually so it no longer costs the dealer nor jeopardizes your customers experience...

Onboardian is the auto industry’s first all-in-one, virtual training, coaching and communication platform

"Onboardian is on a mission to recruit, onboard, train and retain employees with our technology that implements process and structure, teaches the value of relationships, and connects employees with company leaders to create the environment and culture that drives superior performance."


We have shifted to a digital world... Question is, are you changing with it...

The "Why" Behind Onboardian

Meet Our Founders

Zach McVicker

A seasoned veteran in automotive and RV operations, Zach believes in developing successful habits from the start to create a winning culture through your people. Prior to starting Onboardian, Zach was a top leader in Camping World, Penske Automotive Group, and the Tom Wood Organization to name a few.

He played a vital role in helping take a single point Camping World store to $65M in revenue, leading the country in sales volume in 2018 and No. 1 in net profit 9 out of 12 months. Previously, he worked for one of the largest auto dealer groups in the world before helping the second worst Honda dealerships in Indiana to the fastest growing store in the country in 2016. You can connect with Zach on LinkedIn, and YouTube.

"When you understand the worth of people, you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Start with the most important people first, your family. My Family is my driving force and is the reason I was able to accomplish what I did. Everything you do in your profession can be controlled by the happiness you have behind you.

"Be the best person you can, help as many as you can, and you will be rewarded something greater than any amount of money. When you can see the change you are creating around you by making other people better, thats when you know you are doing something right."

Justin Harshbarger

With two decades in the software industry, Justin knows the importance of onboarding and training employees to set them up for success.  Before cofounding OnBoardian Justin spent over 14 years in eLearning developing state of the art training systems for higher education companies and corporations. Justin is always learning and enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies.

In his spare time Justin coaches youth soccer and basketball. He also enjoys running, camping, and craft beer. You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn

Parker Smith

Parker comes to Onboardian with deep expertise in influencer marketing and audience engagement, and the art of helping people better retain information via video. Prior to Onboardian, Parker co-founded and strategically built an audience of 1.4 million followers and hundreds of millions of views across client Instagram pages including @get.sendy and @jerryslams.

Previously, Parker held Sales and Training positions at MattressLand, where he created an internal company website to help streamline training, onboarding, and everyday tasks for teams across 21 locations. You can connect with Parker on LinkedIn.