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Retention & Results in your #1 asset.
Your People

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Do You Have The Same Challenges?

Our ONBOARDING doesn't exist so we are struggling to hire and retain people

Our INTERNAL COMMUNICATION doesn't exist since CoVid

We need a better way to COACH without BEING PULLED OUT of the business

Trying to MOTIVATE & CONNECT with my workforce is effecting our growth

There are TOO MANY SYSTEMS to manage or to log into daily

I have NO TIME to train & develop my people like I need to

You Are Not Alone!

Onboardian Simplifies The Complexities That Get In Your Way

Onboardian is an all-in-one mobile platform for the modern business today. We make it easy to motivate your people daily because it’s your very own company-controlled social platform. An easier way to attract & retain top level talent. You can offer them what your competition can’t, an opportunity to accelerated experience. This patent pending technology is the first real life situational learning system. You will have the most engaging and effective way to train and develop your people. By being a mobile application, your managers can now coach from anywhere. This will bridge the gaps in your operation & help create teamwork, connection,& expose how effective your leaders are. The technology tracks behavior analytics and gives you access to see what you never could before. It will uncover your biggest opportunities that are vital to your success. Ultimately, Onboardian simplifies all the complexities that slow a business down. We can help you give your employees access to everyone & everything they need delivered at their fingertips. This is creating consistency, improved efficiency, and the most superior performance & customer experience we see in business today.

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About us

Today’s customer and salesperson have changed. Yet, one thing hasn’t changed—the way we train today’s salesperson to connect with today’s customer. We developed Onboardian to give dealerships all the tools they need to motivate, educate, and equip sales and management teams to drive superior performance, operational efficiencies, and winning cultures.

Meet the Team
Onboardian Team that created Auto Industry's first all in one training and development platform for today's modern dealer.