The Shortcomings of the Multiple-Choice and Seminar Monopoly

In the auto industry today, you typically have 2 choices when it comes to training your salespeople. You can either give them modules of videos accompanied by multiple-choice tests or you can send your salespeople to a general sales seminar. While these methods of training have no doubt been helpful in ramping up sales pros in the past, in this article we’re going to discuss the shortcomings of each and what needs to change in order to bring automotive sales training into the modern market.

Multiple-Choice Testing

The vast majority of dealerships that offer training to their salespeople opt into programs that consist of videos followed by multiple-choice tests. There are several positives to this kind of training that have kept it so prevalent in the industry. For one, it is fairly hands off meaning managers don’t have to take time out of their busy day to train sales pros and dealerships don’t have to hire trainers. It is also convenient for the sales pro taking it because they can go at their own pace through the modules and, since it’s entirely online, they can do it either at the dealership or at home. But, what is being sacrificed for the sake of this convenience?


Sales seminars, often referred to as “sales bootcamps” alleviate some of the issues we see with multiple-choice testing. Because they are in person, there usually are opportunities to role-play which tests the sales pros on retention rather than recall; however, seminars come with their own unique category of shortcomings.

What the Industry Needs

The automotive industry needs the benefits of both of these training strategies in one: a convenient, time-saving technology that integrates retention testing through role-play. That is the real answer to training sales professionals right from the start and eliminating the massive turnover issue seen across the auto industry. Until the auto industry modernizes their training process to the standard that many other industries have raised their training to, we’re going to continue to struggle retaining new hires.

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