Save Time By Delegating Effectively and Holding Employees Accountable

In our previous blog, we talked about how to identify if what is causing your overwhelm as a leader are employee created issues or delegation issues. If you haven’t yet read the steps it took to get here, I’d suggest going back and reading that section first here.

If you have come to the conclusion as to whether your overwhelm is due to employee issues or delegation issues, here’s how you should go about dealing with both.

Steps to Solve a Delegation Issue

Step #1 – Ask Yourself “Do I HAVE to do this? Or can someone else do this?”

Be honest with yourself when taking this first step. Really analyze each task you’ve written. Is it something you think you need to do or could it be taught to someone else fairly easily?  

Step #2 – Assign tasks to your people based on their strengths and weaknesses

A great leader not only knows their people’s strengths and weaknesses, but assigns them tasks that will complement each other. Where one person has a weakness, fill it in with another person’s strength. Capitalize off the strengths of your people.  

Step #3 – Deliver the expectation to your people

The most important aspect of leading your people is always clear communication. When you’re giving your people a new task to take on, make sure you explain it fully, show them your exact process, and take the time to answer any questions they have. The time you take to invest into your people is time that you will get back tenfold.  

Step #4 – DOCUMENT IT!

Make sure that both your people and you know the importance of documenting this entire process. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re going to get it right the first time and don’t need any kind of documentation process. Have them track the process and then you can come to them with suggestions for improvement. This will help you stay away from micromanaging and give your people agency.

Step #5 – Let your people fail

Let your people FAIL! Your people have to fail in order to know how to succeed. Allow your people to learn, let them know they will have questions, and it may take some time to grasp but the most important thing is for them to let you know when that happens so you can help.

Steps to Solve an Employee Issue

Step #1 – Make sure your managers are on the same page  

Nothing is worse than getting people together for a meeting and wasting time because everybody isn’t on the same page. Before we ever have a meeting with the employees involved in the issue, get with your managers and make sure everyone understands what the issue is. That way your managers will know how to spot the issue if it arises again and will all be leading the meeting with your employees in the same direction.

Step #2 – Bring all departments together for a collaborative meeting

When you are holding a collaborative meeting to solve an inefficiency or issue that's going on it’s important to include all perspectives of your dealership, even if they don’t seem directly involved with the issue itself. You should bring together most sales managers, a service manager, and at least two technicians, seasoned sales pros, and new hires. We often don’t realize that any issue we’re having in our operations directly or indirectly effect EVERY part of the dealership, so when making a solution all opinions must be considered.

Step #3 – Explain why this conversation is important

Just like you did with your sales managers, make sure everybody in the meeting fully understands the reason of the meeting, what the consequences of the issue are, and what steps you are about to take to remedy it.


Step #4 – Ask questions and form a solution based on the answers

Once everyone is on the same page, start asking prompting questions to find a solution that is agreeable with everyone. Here’s what some of those questions might look like:

Through these questions you should reach a consensus on what the solution is, how the solution will be implemented, and what will be measured for when you follow up after implementing the solution.

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