Onboardian Launches to Transform How Auto Dealers Train and Engage Teams

Dealership leaders now able to virtually develop, engage, and retain employees with Onboardian's all-in-one training, coaching, and communication platform

Meridian, Idaho — March 10, 2021 — Onboardian announced today its launch of the automotive industry’s first all-in-one training, coaching, and communication platform built to help dealerships develop and retain employees. Featuring patent-pending virtual role-play technology, Onboardian gives dealerships all the tools they need to motivate, educate, and equip sales and management teams to drive superior performance, operational efficiencies, and winning cultures. 

Automotive dealers are undergoing one of the most significant transformations of the last 20 years as they face pressure from more digital-savvy and informed consumers, and increasing competition in auto retail. However, while most dealers are rightfully focused on their digital experience, many still face an industry-wide operational problem: employee turnover. Now at an all-time high, salespeople turnover has hit 80%, costing the average dealership an estimated $500,000 per year. That doesn’t even factor in the knowledge and customer relationships that leave with those departing employees.

“Today’s customer and salesperson have both changed. Yet, one thing hasn’t changed—the way we train today’s salesperson to connect with today’s customer. Generic or outdated training based on transactional selling has led to both buyers and salespeople going elsewhere, and dealers’ profitability leaving with them,” said Zach McVicker, founder and CEO of Onboardian. “We developed Onboardian to help dealership leaders deliver modern training to connect with today’s employee and customer. With our platform, dealers gain faster onboarding, increased employee retention, and a superior customer experience—all without adding more to sales managers’ plates, creating a single lesson, or adding another program to manage.”

With Onboardian, auto dealership leaders can:

“Auto sales managers have more on their plates than ever before, making it a challenge to not only onboard and develop sales reps, but teach the right philosophy on how to build long-term customer relationships,” said Chris Poluhoff, General Manager of Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac. “With Onboardian, our sales reps can easily see what they need to do, execute their learning assignments, and virtually role play customer interactions to demonstrate their knowledge. Our sales managers can spend more time on their jobs and one-on-one coaching, and less time delivering ongoing training.”

Onboardian was recently recognized as a finalist for Kain Automotive’s 2020 Shark Tank pitch competition, featuring the industry’s most innovative ideas, strategies, or technologies. Part of Kain Automotive’s 16th Annual Clients and Friends Digital Success Workshop, Shark Tank finalists were selected by event attendee voting after a round of pitching from each of the nine companies.

“In my 20+ years in the auto industry, I’ve seen Joe Verde, Grant Cardone, Jackie Cooper, and all the trainers out there. Everyone of them has some sort of path to success. Onboardian gives a modern take on it that gives them a whole new audience,” said David Kain, CEO of Kain Automotive.

To learn more or get started using Onboardian, visit www.onboardian.com.

About Onboardian

Onboardian is the auto industry’s first all-in-one training, coaching, and communication platform that helps dealerships develop and retain employees. With our prebuilt guided training, managers can deliver virtual onboarding and coaching to help sales pros develop skills and ramp quicker—all without having to create a single lesson. Unlike outdated and generic sales training, Onboardian guides salespeople through strategically-delivered content and virtual role-play proven to maximize retention and connect with today’s customer. The result is faster onboarding, higher employee retention and satisfaction, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience. To learn more, visit www.onboardian.com.