Insufficient Automotive Sales Training: The Biggest Money Waster

We want successful, knowledgeable new hires out on the lot making us money now, but how is auto sales training or lack thereof in our industry costing us money?  

Turnover is a Symptom, Not the Disease Itself

Cox Automotive released a study that revealed that dealerships are having an average of 80% or higher turnover per year which is costing each dealership over $500,000 annually. This is not our people failing the dealers. This is the outdated onboarding and training process put in place in our industry that is failing our dealers and our people.  

The Disease

Your typical auto salesmen / saleswomen training consists of mostly watching training videos, taking multiple-choice tests, and in less consistent cases today, having some one-on-ones with managers for training. To no fault of the managers, one-on-ones usually take a back seat because managers are busy with all of their other duties in the dealership but mainly because they were promoted for being great salesmen / saleswomen, not proven leaders. Complete trust is then put into these outdated automotive sales training strategies to create salespeople who are going to represent your brand and ultimately decide your market share.  

Onboarding is so important in developing and retaining sales pros, but 80% turnover is a clear sign that onboarding is not taken as seriously as it should be. Training our salespeople needs to be prioritized from day one or else we are going to keep seeing this pattern of sales pros cycling in and out of the auto industry at rapid rates. Habits are formed in the beginning and if those habits are bad ones, good luck trying to break them.  

How Do We Improve Sales Training?

Cox Automotive continues on to say dealerships need to, “implement ongoing training opportunities. Equipping employees with the necessary tools to help them grow their skillsets and better take advantage of new technology will create happier workers and a more optimized workflow.” We couldn’t agree more with this. Employees today MUST feel like they are progressing even if that doesn’t look like the traditional promotion or position change. They need to be able to grow and learn within their current position.

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About the Author: Sky Intrieri