How to Dress Professionally as a Car Sales Pro

The Importance of Dressing Professionally

Dressing and presenting yourself in a professional manner is one of the most important steps in your sales process for many reasons. We all know that looking your best makes a great first impression but what does making a great impression actually mean? It’s giving the customer the confidence in you that you will act as professional as you look when helping them find a vehicle. What you're doing by looking professional is building that confidence and taking away any unnecessary lack of confidence the customer could have in you if you have a stain on your shirt for example or you look generally disheveled. Aside from the customer, your fellow team members will look up to you and come to you for advice when you present yourself professionally, especially when you do it on a consistent basis.

Are There Any Set Rules?

Specific rules and strictness on how to dress very much depend on the dealership. In fact, most dealerships won’t even give you a work shirt. Most often you’ll be left to your best judgement, but the following is a general overview of appropriate dress within the auto industry.

Encouraged Types of Clothing

What to Avoid

Again, the repercussions for wearing inappropriate dress vary by dealership but at the very least you won’t be taken as seriously by customers or leadership and at the most you will be asked to leave the dealership until you look presentable.

Tattoos and Piercing

There is a shift in culture when it comes to tattoos in the industry. More and more dealerships are accepting visible tattoos but again this is something to check with your dealership. Facial piercings other than the ears are generally asked to be removed during work.

How to Stand Out

No matter how you decide to dress professionally, don’t view it as your personality being taken out of your look. Capitalize on some stand out pieces to let your personality shine through and make you approachable to customers. These could be:

Tips and Advice