How Onboardian Solves Leadership Overwhelm in the Automotive Industry

Overwhelm for leaders in the auto industry is easy to just accept as the norm, but having so much on your plate day in and day out to the point where you feel like you can’t get it all done within normal work hours IS an issue. Think of how many times you’ve had to work late, miss family events, even work over holidays. Being a leader in the auto industry not only doesn’t have to be like that, it shouldn’t be like that. We’ve created resources as you can see in our other blogs to start to handle overwhelm on your own but if you really want the most effective way to manage your tasks and your people, you need Onboardian. Here’s what we do.

Task Setting

This feature allows you to easily assign tasks to your employees and create task lists for yourself. It’s hard to recognize all we do in a day’s time until we list it out in front of us. With Task Setting you can list out everything you need to get done, pick out tasks that can be taken off your plate by coworkers, and assign them those tasks so they get notified they have an item to complete.  

Messenger Tool

Quickly contact anyone on your call sheet without having to use the call sheet at all. With the Messenger Tool you don’t have to go looking for the person you need to contact or rummage through your records for their number. Every employee within a dealership is entered into Onboardian’s database so that you can message or call them through the app by simply looking up their name. This makes it easy to hold your people accountable for the tasks you assign them without taking extra time out of your busy day.


While the Task Setting is there for your day-to-day responsibilities, the Goals section is there to keep your most important long-term goals in front of you. We can get so caught up on the day-to-day grind that we forget to keep an eye on progressing towards are long term goals. This section is for your personal business goals which will serve as your north star throughout the work month.  

That’s Just the Beginning

This is just a taste of the features we’ve built to simplify your daily operations and make working in the auto industry that much more enjoyable. You can learn more about everything that Onboardian has to offer here.

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