About Us

Our Mission

It’s no secret, today’s customer has changed. And so has today’s salesperson.

Yet, one thing hasn’t changed: the way we train today’s salesperson to connect with today’s customer.

Nonexistent, generic or outdated training based on transactional selling and seeing the customer as the enemy has led to both buyers and salespeople going elsewhere, and dealers’ profitability leaving with them.
Surveys show that consumers view buying a car at a dealership to be an unpleasant, anxiety-producing experience. And to top it off, employee turnover is now hitting an all-time high. Nearly 60% of dealership hires are millennials, and more than half of those new hires turn over annually.

Salespeople turnover overall hit 80%. Think about it, with an average cost of $10,000 per new hire, a dealership with 100 salespeople can lose $670,000 a year…not to mention the knowledge and customer relationships that walk out the door with that employee.

If car models evolve to keep up with customer preferences, why isn’t our training and onboarding as well?

That’s why we developed Onboardian, to help dealership leaders deliver modern training to connect with today’s employee and customer.

With our all-in-one recruiting, training, and communication platform, dealers gain faster onboarding, higher employee retention and satisfaction, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience. All without adding more to your plate, creating a single lesson, or adding another program to manage.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Zach McVicker

A seasoned veteran in automotive and RV operations, Zach believes in developing successful habits from the start to create a winning culture through your people. Prior to starting Onboardian, Zach was a top leader in Camping World, Penske Automotive Group, and the Tom Wood Organization to name a few.

He played a vital role in helping take a single point Camping World store to $65M in revenue, leading the country in sales volume in 2018 and No. 1 in net profit 9 out of 12 months. Previously, he worked for one of the largest auto dealer groups in the world before helping the second worst Honda dealerships in Indiana to the fastest growing store in the country in 2016. You can connect with Zach on LinkedIn, and YouTube.