We Asked Automotive Manager: What Does the Automotive Industry Need to Thrive?

We talked to a group of auto managers to find out what they think the automotive industry needs to thrive. Here are their answers! Tell us down in the comments, what do you think the automotive industry needs to thrive in today’s world?

The Core of Onboardian - Successful Careers Learned Through Our People

Zach McVicker, founder and CEO of Onboardian, speaks on how he’s gained success in his automotive sales career through always valuing the people around him. He knows that that is the true path to success for other leaders in the industry as well which is why he’s created Onboardian. Onboardian helps leaders and salespeople learn how to be successful through always keeping people at the core of all of it’s automotive sales training. Over everything, value people.

What is the Biggest Struggle for Automotive New Hires?

We talked to a group of auto salesmen and saleswomen to find out what their biggest struggle within the automotive industry was. Here are their answers! Tell us down in the comments, do you have any frustrations or struggles within the automotive industry?

The Big Shift - Trust Your Gut

First All-In-One Dealership Mobile Application For Modern Dealers

The Auto Industry's first all in one, training, coaching and communication platform. It's the first and only mobile application with an automated role-playing technology. Train with our virtual customers, so you don't lose the real ones. Onboardian, the ultimate operation solution for the modern dealers.

What is the Number One Reason Sales Pros Fail?

Most auto salesmen and saleswomen are improperly trained since day one. This puts them on the path to failure in the auto sales industry because they form bad habits immediately and aren’t shown the right way. Zach talks about how to find the right way and how auto sales training plays such a huge role in that.