Everything you need to train and engage teams

Featuring patent-pending virtual role-play technology, Onboardian gives dealerships all the tools they need to motivate, educate, and equip sales and management teams to drive superior performance, operational efficiencies, and winning cultures.

Platform Features

Main Directory Screen
This is a picture of the onboardian salesmen automotive training platform for dealerships sitting inside a mobile phone mockup.

Interactive Organization Chart

An org chart is a crucial tool for any dealership, but even more so for new hires. With Onboardian, every employee has their own profile and can learn more about, “Give Kudos”, and connect with employees across all dealership stores.

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Virtual Role-Play

No more practicing on live customers. With Onboardian’s patent-pending virtual role-play technology, sales pros can practice various customer interactions to demonstrate their knowledge. Managers can give feedback from their phone and on their time.

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Training Pagescreenshot of one of our training videos that shows how onboardian's salesmen automotive training and all in one platform helps dealerships increase efficiency and performance.
This is a picture of the onboardian salesmen automotive training platform for dealerships sitting inside a mobile phone mockup. Screenshot of a training video within the salesmen training program that shows how onboardian salesmen automotive training and all in one platform helps dealerships increase efficiency and performance.
Main Directory Screen
This is a picture of the onboardian salesmen automotive training platform for dealerships sitting inside a mobile phone mockup.

Interactive Organization Chart

An org chart is a crucial tool for any dealership, but even more so for new hires. With Onboardian, every employee has their own profile and can learn more about, “Give Kudos”, and connect with employees across all dealership stores.

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Company Newsfeed + Chat

Align your entire team and empower employees with the information they need. With Onboardian, you can communicate special events, introduce new hires, “Ask the Team”, recognize employees, and more—all in one place, and right from your phone.

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Newsfeed Screen
This is a picture of the onboardian salesmen automotive training platform for dealerships sitting inside a mobile phone mockup.

All Features

Daily Training

Train sales pros without creating a single lesson. Our pre-built training path will give your team the direction and engagement they need.

Virtual Role Play Testing

With our patent-pending technology, sales pros can now practice on our virtual customers instead of your real ones.

Manager Coaching Tool

Sales managers can coach their people right from their phones and on their time. Get feedback back to them quickly and without interrupting business.

Ongoing Development

Our platform provides sales pros the ongoing training specific to what they need to work on, not what the entire staff needs.

Company Newsfeed

Engage and inform your team by using the company newsfeed. Share stories, encouragement, event information, and more with a few taps of the screen.


Keep teams up to date on upcoming events, sales, company anniversaries, and other important dates with one dealership calendar.

Top 20 FAQs

Keep your most frequently asked questions right in front of your team. Save time answering the same questions with easily accessible information.

Employee Profiles

With a spot for a picture, position, experience, and interests and hobbies, the team will quickly be able to recognize and get to know one another.

Company Org Chart

Connect the entire dealership with the org chart. Split into departments, the entire team will be able to find and recognize who to go to in each area.

Video Calling

Create more personal interactions through video calling. Easily walk a team member through a situation from anywhere.

Request One-on-One

Make sure your people know the support they need is available to them with one-on-one requests. Linked to your calendar, easily accept or reschedule.


Communicate quickly and efficiently with anyone in the dealership with messenger. Respond to questions and requests wherever you are.

Ask the Team

This function is connected to each person’s messenger so they’ll be notified in real time, making it easy to quickly find an available team member when you need them.

Video Sales Tool

Give your customers the convenience they want by creating videos of the vehicles they are interested in. Send them directly from the app through text or email.


Make each person’s numbers accessible to them all the time, along with the dealership’s overall numbers. Create healthy competition with the sales pros ranking section.


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