Coach & Provide fAST Performance Feedback!

The first coaching platform that gives managers the ability to coach & motivate teams consistently at their fingertips!

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Do You Expect Your Managers To Be Effective Coaches? 

Managers are the biggest variable in business today.

They have the ability to improve & increase the capacity of the people around them, or they are the sleeping anchors in the growth of your people.

Have They Ever Been Shown How Lead? Seriously Think About That.

The majority of managers today sold more cars than the others around them, so they were chosen to fill a seat. Traditionally, they were apart of the top 20% that always performed, no matter where they were.

But, How Do You Know They Are Effective Coaches Capable of Increasing the ability of those around them?

You can teach anyone to desk a deal. Most people can learn the appraisal platforms, so how do you know you have the right people?

They need help and they need the ability to practice without slowing the business down, nor being required to be In front of the computer for long periods of time.

Turn Managers Into Leaders Through Consistent Coaching!

Consistency & Accountability

It's never been easy coaching on a consistent basis, until now! In between deals, as we are walking out to appraise a vehicle, or even from the comfort of your home! Managers create consistency when they lead their people, and Onboardian is making that easier than ever before!

Managers Love it! It Saves Time!

There is so much thrown on a managers plate in todays business. We can not allow this to forget what we need most out of our managers! That is to coach and lead! This is the ONLY tool that makes that easy.

We Make It Easy To Do What You Expect From Them. To Coach & Lead!

Having Onboardian Means Managers Don't Need To:

Find Time To Meet Sales Pros In The Training Room
Create or Manage a Training Schedule
Login or Manage Another System
We Automate What Others Make You Administrate!

We Have Eliminated All Obstacles That Get In The Way of Development

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Are You Tired Of Hearing

"I Never Have Enough Time"
"We Were Way Too Busy"
"I Can't Get Them Motivated"

About us

Today’s customer and salesperson have changed. Yet, one thing hasn’t changed—the way we train today’s salesperson to connect with today’s customer. We developed Onboardian to give dealerships all the tools they need to motivate, educate, and equip sales and management teams to drive superior performance, operational efficiencies, and winning cultures.

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Onboardian Team that created Auto Industry's first all in one training and development platform for today's modern dealer.